github zalando/spilo 1.6-p2

latest releases: 2.1-p5, 2.1-p4, 2.1-p3...
2 years ago
  • Patroni 1.6.4
  • Added PostgreSQL 12
  • Timescaledb 1.6.0
  • wal-g 0.2.14
  • Postgis 3.0 (and automatic upgrade)
  • Supervisord replaced with lightweight runit
  • Possibility to rotate PostgreSQL SSL certificates/keys
  • IPv6 only compatibility
  • Some fixes in wal-e configuration (sometimes it didn't work with new AWS regions)
  • Default recovery window increased to 5 days
  • The image is not compressed anymore and could work with read-only root fs (you still have to provide writable volume mounted as /run for configuration files)


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