github zalando/spilo 1.4-p9

latest releases: 2.1-p5, 2.1-p4, 2.1-p3...
3 years ago
  • support uploading PostgreSQL logs to S3
    The new LOG_ENV_DIR, LOG_S3_BUCKET, LOG_BUCKET_SCOPE_PREFIX, LOG_BUCKET_SCOPE_SUFFIX, LOG_TMPDIR, PGLOG variables controls where the logs should be uploaded. AWSREGION can be used to choose the AWS region explicitly

  • Detect streaming replication in a way compatible with PostgreSQL 11.
    In the new version PostgreSQL the processes names in the ps list has been renamed.

  • Protect user management functions from CVE-2018-1058
    Some of the functions have security definer are owned by superuser, therefore it is very important to make sure that they are executed with search_path = 'pg_catalog'

  • Attempt to initialize roles and extensions after each promotion.
    This way we can propagate recent changes to those objects during the rolling update

  • move all scripts into the /scripts directory

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