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yuzu mainline #902

3 years ago


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  • d99baea "Merge Tagged PR 2945"
  • 5326d3c Merge pull request #2951 from lioncash/global
  • dcdd887 Merge pull request #2952 from lioncash/warning
  • 3cb4c9f Merge pull request #2955 from lioncash/allocator
  • 57ffada alignment: Resolve allocator construction issues on debug
  • 9aafb2a alignment: Specify trait definitions within the allocator
  • 8f407ad Merge pull request #2954 from ReinUsesLisp/fix-invalidation
  • 58b597c gl_shader_disk_cache: Properly ignore existing cache
  • 0705ce0 bcat/module: Silence truncation warnings
  • 7e77d15 bcat: Take std::function instance by value in NullBackend's constructor
  • 81adf46 bcat: In-class initialize ProgressServiceBackend's impl member
  • 3fcd218 bcat: Make ProgressServiceBackend's constructor take a std::string_view
  • f2fa16b bcat: Make ProgressServiceBackend's GetEvent() const
  • 329081f boxcat: Silence an unused variable warning
  • 839b38c core/core: Remove unused header
  • f1382cf core: Remove Core::CurrentProcess()
  • 69f16ba hle/service: Replace global system instance calls with instance-based ones

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