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yuzu mainline #875

3 years ago


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  • deecd7f Merge pull request #2942 from ReinUsesLisp/clang-warnings
  • 25ee892 audio/audout_u: Change formatting for old clang-format versions
  • e1afeec yuzu/game_list_worker: Silence warnings
  • f297e9f yuzu/game_list: Silence -Wswitch and -Wunused-variable
  • 2b9b695 yuzu/configure_service: Silence -Wswitch
  • e03f46f yuzu_tester: Remove unused variable
  • 8d0b1a9 service/nvdrv: Silence -Wswitch
  • 5c907f8 service/nfp: Silence -Wunused and -Wswitch
  • 0759df0 service/hid: Silence -Wunused and -Wswitch
  • ab6f8d8 service/am: Silence -Wreorder
  • 634c6e2 service/hid: Remove unused system reference
  • 1dbd22e service/friend: Remove unused field
  • 99db7d2 service/filesystem: Silence -Wunused-variable
  • 8566096 service/bcat: Silence -Wreorder and -Wunused
  • 87e7cc2 service/audio: Silence -Wunused
  • aacb473 service/apm: Silence -Wunused and -Wreorder
  • f4417ea common/file_util: Silence -Wswitch

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