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3 years ago


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  • 0a662d0 Merge pull request #2917 from FernandoS27/fermi-deduction-2
  • ab47a66 Texture_Cache: Blit Deduction corrections and simplifications.
  • 2036504 TextureCache: Add the ability to deduce if two textures are depth on blit.
  • e6eae4b Shader_ir: Address feedback
  • 3c09d9a Shader_Ir: Address Feedback and clang format.
  • 507a9c6 vk_shader_decompiler: Correct Branches inside conditionals.
  • 000ad55 vk_shader_decompiler: Clean code and be const correct.
  • 7c756ba Shader_IR: clean up AST handling and add documentation.
  • 5ea740b Shader_IR: Correct OutwardMoves for Ifs
  • 100a4bd vk_shader_compiler: Don't enclose branches with if(true) to avoid crashing AMD
  • 189a50b gl_shader_decompiler: Refactor and address feedback.
  • b3c46d6 Shader_IR: corrections and clang-format
  • 466cd52 vk_shader_compiler: Correct SPIR-V AST Decompiling
  • 2e9a810 Shader_IR: allow else derivation to be optional.
  • ca99018 vk_shader_compiler: Implement the decompiler in SPIR-V
  • 0366c18 Shader_IR: mark labels as unused for partial decompile.
  • 47e4f6a Shader_Ir: Refactor Decompilation process and allow multiple decompilation modes.
  • 38fc995 gl_shader_decompiler: Implement AST decompiling
  • 6fdd501 shader_ir: Declare Manager and pass it to appropiate programs.
  • 8be6e1c shader_ir: Corrections to outward movements and misc stuffs
  • 4fde66e shader_ir: Add basic goto elimination
  • c179539 shader_ir: Initial Decompile Setup
  • d633397 Merge pull request #2941 from FernandoS27/fix-master
  • 678d9cc SDL: Fix missing header
  • 94c34f2 Merge pull request #2896 from FearlessTobi/port-4950 [ emu/citra#4950 ]
  • 7fbaf62 Merge pull request #2936 from VPeruS/use-isallzeroarray
  • accdb84 Merge pull request #2940 from lioncash/zlib
  • e29492d CMakeLists: Make libzip excluded from the ALL target
  • 80bdb44 externals: Use upstream zlib
  • 29b1d0d [crypto] Use IsAllZeroArray helper function
  • 64dbc92 Add FPS to SDL title bar

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