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3 years ago


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  • 9aac7fb Merge pull request #2539 from DarkLordZach/bcat
  • e55d086 qt: Add service dialog
  • 5d86c52 boxcat: Use updated game-asset API URL and tags
  • 19c466d bcat: Add FSC accessors for BCAT data
  • bcf1eaf boxcat: Implement events global field
  • 2d410dd bcat: Implement DeliveryCacheProgressImpl structure
  • 92b70a3 boxcat: Use Etag header names for file digest
  • e8183f9 boxcat: Add downloading and client for launch parameter data
  • b8ce871 bcat: Add backend function for BCAT Indirect (launch parameter)
  • ea17b29 bcat: Expose CreateBackendFromSettings helper function
  • fe8c7e6 am: Unstub PopLaunchParameter and add bcat connection for app-specific data
  • 02f8f1b configure_service: Allow Qt to open external links
  • d8bcb1e cmake: Add cmake option to build Boxcat backend
  • f0551ae yuzu: Add UI tab to configure BCAT services
  • 102db20 bcat: Implement cmd 90201 ClearDeliveryCacheStorage
  • 1bde5a3 bcat: Implement cmd 30100 SetPassphrase
  • 86773a7 bcat: Implement cmd RequestSyncDeliveryCache and variant
  • cb7c96b bcat: Implement IDeliveryCacheProgressService commands
  • f352ad5 bcat: Implement IDeliveryCacheFileService commands
  • 8812018 bcat: Implement IDeliveryCacheDirectoryService commands
  • 862131e bcat: Implement IDeliveryCacheStorageService commands
  • 78d146f bcat: Add commands to create IDeliveryCacheStorageService
  • 68658a8 module: Create BCAT backend based upon Settings value on construction
  • 2903f35 bcat: Add BCAT backend for Boxcat service
  • 2c0b75a bcat: Add backend class to generify the functions of BCAT
  • 647992e settings: Add option to set BCAT backend
  • 532ec45 nifm: Signal to applications that internet access is available
  • f6c5352 core/loader: Track the NSO build ID of the current process
  • 943662d applets: Add accessor for AppletFrontendSet
  • f207321 filesystem: Add getter for BCAT temporary directory
  • c00ed8f vfs: Add function to extract ZIP file into virtual filesystem
  • 84b6059 externals: Add zlib and libzip libraries to handle ZIP file parsing

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