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7 months ago


  • e360e32 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • e4409e8 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 32277e9 "Merge Tagged PR 7832"
  • 2135993 Merge pull request #8173 from Morph1984/msvc-warn-unused-fn
  • be95b5a CMakeLists: Enforce C4505 and C5245
  • 50b10c4 Merge pull request #8167 from Tachi107/patch-1
  • 4265372 Merge pull request #8161 from liamwhite/gl-s8d24
  • 03d5794 Merge pull request #8152 from liamwhite/gl-crop
  • 827a901 Merge pull request #8150 from liamwhite/vk-crop
  • 50192eb Merge pull request #8148 from merryhime/interrupts
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  • a02fd4c Merge pull request #8143 from merryhime/rdtsc
  • 5ca6733 fix: remove #pragma once in .cpp file
  • 52ebdd4 OpenGL: fix S8D24 to ABGR8 conversions
  • b7be6a4 OpenGL: fix cropping
  • c59c035 Vulkan: crop to screen dimensions if crop not explicitly requested
  • 4052bfb native_clock: Internal linkage for FencedRDTSC
  • fdd4d01 native_clock: Use lfence with rdtsc
  • a5d040d arm_dynarmic: Use HaltReason for svc calls and reschedules
  • f8b8af4 dynarmic: Better interrupts
  • 51a8dd4 externals: Update dynarmic to 8bcd46b7
  • 1f74b25 externals: Update dynarmic to 9cadab8fa91a63564774ae7dbe74e7c18715f586

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