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8 months ago


  • 98ae39f "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • b7f9204 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 66e62bf "Merge Tagged PR 7832"
  • 9b52ee4 Merge pull request #8076 from ameerj/nv-vk-msaa-scale
  • c6aa4ec Merge pull request #8120 from german77/signal
  • 365c6ad Merge pull request #8090 from bunnei/fix-skyline
  • c04e65c service: hid: Signal event on AcquireNpadStyleSetUpdateEventHandle
  • 9408100 hle: kernel: k_page_table: Fix implementations of LockForCodeMemory & UnlockForCodeMemory.
  • 0c75913 hle: kernel: k_page_table: Implement LockMemoryAndOpen & UnlockMemory.
  • 1b3dba3 hle: kernel: svc: MapProcessMemory: Fix usage of KPageLinkedList to use physical address space.
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  • 3bc0c2a hle: kernel: svc: CreateCodeMemory: Remove log of 'out' host pointer.
  • 94543f1 hle: kernel: k_code_memory: Fix usage of KPageLinkedList to use physical address space.
  • 5b667f5 hle: kernel: k_page_table: Implement MakeAndOpenPageGroup & MakePageGroup.
  • c975a51 hle: kernel: k_page_table: Add IsHeapPhysicalAddress method.
  • f29410d hle: kernel: k_page_linked_list: Add Empty method.
  • 4e2401c hle: kernel: svc: UnmapProcessCodeMemory: Fix inverted alignment check.
  • 8d45dd3 Vulkan: Use 3D helpers for MSAA scaling on NV drivers 510+

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