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8 months ago


  • 15bf148 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 0472113 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 195aa74 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • f288aa3 "Merge Tagged PR 7832"
  • fa136b8 "Merge Tagged PR 8012"
  • da46d92 Merge pull request #8080 from FernandoS27/yo-momma-so-fat-that
  • a2d7b2f Memory: Don't protect reads on Normal accuracy.
  • 7a9d9e5 Texture Cache: Add Cached CPU system.
  • ab6a578 Merge pull request #7720 from FernandoS27/yfc-gc
  • 0608336 Merge pull request #8050 from bunnei/nvflinger-rewrite
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  • d108c28 Merge pull request #8068 from ameerj/shader-if-false
  • 9872d4b GC: Address Feedback.
  • 284934e Update project license to GPL v3.
  • c64e1ae hle: nvflinger: ConsumerBase: Mark ctor as explicit.
  • 02dbb2e hle: vi: NativeWindow: Fix trivially copyable issues.
  • c9d28c3 hle: nvdrv: nvdata: buffer_queue_producer: Minor cleanup.
  • 241ecae hle: nvdrv: nvdata: Cleanup NvFence static assert.
  • 81eefca hle: nvflinger: Remove unused unordered_map include.
  • 3b13f5e hle: nvflinger: buffer_queue_consumer: AcquireBuffer: Fix typo.
  • 4d94880 hle: nvflinger: Merge Rect with Common::Rectangle.
  • e524def hle: nvflinger: buffer_queue_core: Declare default dtor.
  • 8e35eed hle: nvflinger: buffer_queue_producer: DequeueBuffer: Remove unnecessary lock.
  • 0ce3080 hle: nvflinger: consumer_base: StillTracking: Should be const.
  • 480c79e hle: nvflinger: graphic_buffer_producer: Remove unnecessary pragma pack.
  • 7db60fe hle: nvflinger: parcel: Reserve token size.
  • ddd5a2b hle: nvflinger: buffer_queue_core: StillTracking: Take const reference.
  • 53058ae hle: nvflinger: buffer_queue_core: Cleanup locking.
  • 650c9d0 hle: nvflinger: Use std::chrono for present_ns.
  • ca12a77 hle: nvflinger: Migrate android namespace -> Service::android.
  • 5849c9a hle: nvflinger: BufferQueueProducer: Handle SetPreallocatedBuffer with empty buffer.
  • 7f4165f hle: vi: Integrate new NVFlinger and HosBinderDriverServer service.
  • a87812c hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for HosBinderDriverServer service.
  • 56284bf hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for BufferQueueProducer class.
  • bfff7b5 hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for BufferQueueCore class.
  • 6e7f687 hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for BufferQueueConsumer class.
  • 41983bc hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for QueueBufferInput and QueueBufferOutput structs.
  • 0057159 hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for BufferItemConsumer class.
  • 79e8cdf hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for ConsumerBase class.
  • d25cb12 hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for BufferSlot class.
  • c723db3 hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for BufferItem class.
  • d13e18a hle: nvflinger: Move implementation for Parcel to its own header.
  • a454670 hle: nvflinger: Add android buffer queue definitions to its own header.
  • fe9945a hle: nvflinger: Add IBinder interface.
  • b9cbc70 hle: nvflinger: Add IConsumerListener interface.
  • 81e143a hle: nvflinger: Add ProducerListener interface.
  • fd24d5a hle: nvflinger: Add android window enumerations to its own header.
  • 05ff9e8 hle: nvflinger: Add android Status flags to its own header.
  • 05d80fb hle: nvflinger: Move BufferTransformFlags to its own header.
  • 402273d hle: nvdrv: Rename Fence to NvFence to avoid naming conflicts.
  • d456b9d hle: nvflinger: Move PixelFormat to its own header.
  • 5a8b9a9 hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for GraphicBuffer class.
  • 8c27465 hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for Fence class.
  • d47575f hle: nvflinger: Add implementation for Rect class.
  • 0704b64 common: logging: Add a logger for NVFlinger.
  • 9edbbf2 Garbage Collection: Final tuning.
  • 5e982a7 Buffer Cache: Tune to the levels of the new GC.
  • ecb3342 Garbage Collection: Redesign the algorithm to do a better use of memory.
  • 8f2e5f5 Merge pull request #8074 from liamwhite/cached-words
  • c50f2bd Merge pull request #8035 from lat9nq/disable-web-applet
  • dea5de9 buffer_cache: reset cached write bits after flushing invalidations
  • 67159e3 dead_code_elimination_pass: Remove unreachable Phi arguments
  • fb4d80b Merge pull request #8073 from Shoegzer/compile_fixes
  • a8896e9 Add include to fix compiling
  • f10d40a shader_recompiler/dead_code_elimination: Add DeadBranchElimination pass
  • db637b5 yuzu qt: Save disable_web_applet setting
  • 7760777 main: Update Disable Web Applet warning
  • fa46fb9 configure_debug: Add option to set disable_web_applet
  • 1cbe23e yuzu: Move disable_web_applet to UISettings

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