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8 months ago


  • 1feaabc "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • f5f6aa0 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 01729e8 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • d4fe191 "Merge Tagged PR 7832"
  • aed4330 "Merge Tagged PR 8012"
  • 749efbb Merge pull request #8031 from Morph1984/cleanup-mii-please
  • f8773e4 Merge pull request #8070 from yuzu-emu/revert-8016-kill-mem-use
  • e439c31 Revert "dynarmic: Reduce size of code caches"
  • 6e232b9 applets/mii: Remove unused include
  • bcca849 applets/mii: Remove frontend parameters
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  • c504019 applets/mii: Cleanup MiiEdit applet implementation
  • 1d5f6b1 applets/mii: Cleanup MiiEdit applet types
  • 7c44a4e applets/mii: Move MiiEdit applet types into its own file
  • aa44ef7 service: Move mii enums and structs into its own file
  • e05e685 applets: Rename Mii to MiiEdit
  • f83cd2e Merge pull request #8067 from ameerj/qt-browser-include
  • b3cfccd qt_web_browser: Add missing includes
  • 75046a3 Merge pull request #8038 from liamwhite/exit-register-detection
  • 82ac66f Merge pull request #8048 from ameerj/include-purge
  • 866b7c2 general: Fix clang/gcc build errors
  • a367db4 yuzu_cmd: Reduce unused includes
  • 936829e yuzu: Reduce unused includes
  • 9b50575 web_service: Reduce unused includes
  • 967ed01 input_common: Reduce unused includes
  • 574a2c4 shader_recompiler: Reduce unused includes
  • 923deca common: Reduce unused includes
  • 1bc7d61 video_core: Reduce unused includes
  • 8a8ea65 common: Reduce unused includes
  • ade5961 core: Reduce unused includes
  • 536d7ed Address review comments
  • d400b61 shader_recompiler/EXIT: skip render targets with no outputs
  • 6fa17f3 shader_recompiler/EXIT: increment output register on failed enable test

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