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8 months ago


  • 202f3c1 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 29e729c "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • d22db6d "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • d310157 "Merge Tagged PR 7812"
  • 20e40bd "Merge Tagged PR 7832"
  • e58bfb0 "Merge Tagged PR 8012"
  • 2db5076 Merge pull request #8013 from bunnei/kernel-slab-rework-v2
  • c3c351e Merge pull request #8023 from ameerj/kirby-pop-in
  • 6135588 Merge pull request #8026 from lat9nq/ext-mem-ini
  • cb32d9a default_ini: List use_extended_memory_layout in default config file
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  • e95bb78 core: hle: kernel: init_slab_setup: Move CalculateSlabHeapGapSize to global namespace.
  • 5f3e77d core: hle: kernel: Allocate dummy threads on host thread storage.
  • 82a2463 core: hle: kernel: Downgrade dangling objects warning to debug.
  • f7d1929 core: hle: kernel: Make object list container global and ensure it is reset on each emulation session.
  • 51589c5 core: hle: kernel: Remove server session tracking.
  • 0defac2 core: hle: kernel: k_process: Remove handle table finalize, reset page table.
  • 813b2ef core: hle: kernel: k_process: Implement thread local storage accurately.
  • 3210bc2 core: hle: kernel: k_page_table: Add implementations of MapPages, UnmapPages, and FindFreeArea for TLS.
  • 15d9b04 core: hle: kernel: k_slab_heap: Refresh to use guest allocations.
  • a25cd4b core: hle: kernel: Update init_slab_heap, use device memory, and add KThreadLocalPage and KPageBuffer.
  • 9181972 core: hle: kernel: k_page_buffer: Add KThreadLocalPage primitive.
  • 0843484 core: hle: kernel: k_page_buffer: Add KPageBuffer primitive.
  • 4a28d8c core: hle: kernel: k_thread: Ensure host Fiber is freed.
  • ed67e1d core: hle: kernel: k_server_session: Ensure SessionRequestManager is freed.
  • bfc4823 core: hle: service: kernel_helpers: Use system resource limit.
  • 8873c0c core: hle: service: sm: Fix KPort reference count.
  • 25c0acc core: hle: kernel: k_thread: Update to reflect tree changes.
  • 07c9d9b core: hle: kernel: Use weak_ptr where possible for SessionRequestHandler and SessionRequestManager.
  • ce33503 core: hle: kernel: k_memory_layout: Update kernel slab memory sizes.
  • 0f0e1c2 core: hle: kernel: svc_types: Add ThreadLocalRegionSize.
  • 944d918 core: hle: kernel: k_condition_variable: Update to reflect tree changes.
  • 158c584 core: hle: kernel: k_address_arbiter: Update to reflect tree changes.
  • 0fdf1d2 common: tree: Various updates.
  • 69c2fae common: intrusive_red_black_tree: Various updates.
  • 5119a57 maxwell_3d: Implement a safer CB data upload

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