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9 months ago


  • 60c527f "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 4e71f0d "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • cddc642 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 728db7e "Merge Tagged PR 7812"
  • 31659c1 "Merge Tagged PR 7913"
  • 2984695 Merge pull request #7867 from german77/amiibo
  • 83a84f1 Merge pull request #7900 from german77/enter
  • 90a4591 Merge pull request #7909 from Wunkolo/null-visit-ctor
  • 768fdb2 common: Add NullVisitor default constructor
  • 1e21f5f yuzu: config: Fix mapping issues with the enter key
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  • b57d610 nfp: Allow files without password data
  • 6a1ad03 nfp: Separate nfc tag from amiibo data
  • e35c2fd nfp: Address compiler issues
  • 29f9a45 nfp: Validate amiibo files
  • 41b65d3 yuzu: Allow to open and remove the amiibo
  • fc9abd3 nfp: Improve implementation
  • c001a2a nfp: Move IUser class to header and add missing enum and structs
  • 3d24eb5 nfp: Sort functions by command number

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