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9 months ago


  • e499c57 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 5c2742e "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 7cede0d "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 0112353 "Merge Tagged PR 7812"
  • ca9da56 Merge pull request #7852 from Morph1984/new-uuid
  • 3799c82 common: uuid: Use sizeof(u64) instead of 8 in Hash()
  • 1105614 Merge pull request #7861 from german77/user_features
  • ab93b4c yuzu: Mute audio when in background
  • 49eb784 yuzu: Add docked, GPU accuracy and adapting filter hotkeys
  • ec4d7f7 common: uuid: Return an invalid UUID if conversion from string fails
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  • 25db62c general: Rename NewUUID to UUID, and remove the previous UUID impl
  • dfe11d7 profile: Migrate to the new UUID implementation
  • d94dcae common: uuid: Add AsU128()
  • f0340b8 hle: ipc_helpers: Ignore -Wclass-memaccess
  • ee0547e service: Migrate to the new UUID implementation
  • cb30fe5 input/hid: Migrate to the new UUID implementation
  • 3271099 common: Implement NewUUID

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