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10 months ago


  • 17d3783 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • af2a60a "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • d603a4c "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 8133fa4 "Merge Tagged PR 7812"
  • c871b48 "Merge Tagged PR 7814"
  • 72add82 Merge pull request #7807 from german77/moar-buttons
  • 79e8f4a Merge pull request #7833 from lioncash/file-sys
  • 404a94a Merge pull request #7792 from german77/translate
  • 40d31b8 configure_filesystem: Add missing changeEvent() override
  • b9f06bd configure_filesystem: Normalize member function casing
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  • 50e9ba3 Merge pull request #7809 from Morph1984/clock-constants
  • a28a10b Merge pull request #7831 from lioncash/motion
  • cd9345e Merge pull request #7830 from lioncash/player-copy
  • 5c4ed30 configure_motion_touch: Use functor versions of invokeMethod
  • e2a86e2 configure_input_player: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 2dba59d configure_input_player: std::move input setters in HandleClick
  • 9ba6bab configure_input_player: Avoid unnecessary ParamPackage copies
  • 6267110 common: wall_clock: Check precision against the emulated CPU and CNTFRQ
  • 4e76628 common: wall_clock: Utilize constants for ms, us, and ns ratios
  • 3d2d77e input_common: Add home and hard touch press buttons to UDP controllers
  • fea05a1 hotkeys: Don't translate hotkey buttons

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