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10 months ago


  • e74aa2c "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 501f10f "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • e862404 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 0dec424 Merge pull request #7770 from german77/motion-threshold
  • 8a244dd Merge pull request #7783 from lioncash/abi-cexpr
  • adcac85 Merge pull request #7762 from bunnei/un-map-improve
  • f6a0493 common/xbyak_api: Make BuildRegSet() constexpr
  • 40050c1 Merge pull request #7780 from lioncash/macro
  • a8a4f37 video_core/macro: Add missing header
  • 81d1a11 video_core/macro_interpreter: Move impl class to the cpp file
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  • cfd9f7d video_core/macro_hle: Return unique_ptr directly from GetHLEProgram()
  • a05d940 video_core/macro: Remove unused parameter from Execute()
  • 74f8029 video_core/macro_jit_x64: Remove unused impl class member
  • f11eefe video_core/macro_jit_x64: Decouple PersistentCallerSavedRegs() from impl
  • 6b873b7 video_core/macro_jit_x64: Move impl class into cpp file
  • a3c8174 video_core/macro_hle: Move impl class into cpp file
  • ebf1961 input_common: Add option to configure gyro threshold
  • e791da9 core: hle: kernel: KPageTable: Various improvements to MapPages and UnmapPages.
  • 07add23 core: hle: kernel: KPageTable: MapProcessCode: Various cleanup.
  • ee25e0a core: hle: kernel: KPageTable: ReserveTransferMemory: Various cleanup.
  • 0cee5e1 core: hle: kernel: KPageTable: ResetTransferMemory: Various cleanup.
  • ffcaf5a core: hle: kernel: KPageTable: SetMemoryAttribute: Various cleanup.
  • 2935c9d core: hle: kernel: KPageTable: Assert valid address on GetPhysicalAddr.
  • 264bb5a core: hle: kernel: KPageTable: Operate: Assert lock ownership.
  • 0137f2e core: hle: kernel: KPageTable: SetHeapSize: Cleanup & take physical memory lock.
  • 6d8e498 core: hle: kernel: Refactor Un/MapPhysicalMemory to remove unnecessary methods.
  • b8b1b58 core: hle: kernel: Rename Un/Map to Un/MapMeory.

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