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10 months ago


  • 5dd8de8 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 83a0f24 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 5ba4d40 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 9bf7ad9 Merge pull request #7769 from german77/no-control
  • 5723145 Merge pull request #7768 from Moonlacer/fsr-1.0.2
  • 84cc22b Merge pull request #7777 from lioncash/nodisc
  • c93dd45 Merge pull request #7779 from lioncash/gpu-iface
  • a1c4bca Merge pull request #7778 from lioncash/comma
  • 432f444 Merge pull request #7774 from lioncash/mapping
  • 306b349 Merge pull request #7773 from lioncash/udp-deprecated
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  • 8dbad55 Merge pull request #7771 from lioncash/assert
  • d8486a9 gpu: Tidy up forward declarations
  • 9b38c8e gpu: Remove obsoleted CDMAPusher() accessors
  • e7af846 vk_fsr: Replace comma operator with semicolon
  • b46ec4e shader_recompiler: Remove unnecessary [[nodiscard]]
  • 651358d input_common/input_engine: Ensure PadIdentifier UUIDs have a valid initial state
  • 187c9d7 input_common/input_mapping: Simplify UUID validity checks
  • 0849be0 input_common/input_mapping: Add missing includes
  • 8bb3975 input_common/input_mapping: Remove const from return value
  • 12e7d3b input_common/input_mapping: Default constructor
  • 51dd3da input_common/main: Pass MappingData by const reference in callbacks
  • 87eb3cb input_common/udp_client: Replace deprecated from_string()/to_ulong() functions
  • b084a9b input_common/udp_client: Prevent unnecessary string copies
  • 2f12cac kernel/k_affinity_mask: Remove duplicated assert
  • b998aa5 yuzu: Add setting to disable controller navigation
  • fdde08b Update FSR to 1.0.2

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