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10 months ago


  • 8b05e2d "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 15b5d2a "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 042ec52 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 5b57ee6 Merge pull request #7716 from german77/volume
  • 8433eda Merge pull request #7735 from german77/udp_battery
  • 68c8a1b Merge pull request #7737 from bunnei/fix-dummy-thread-leak
  • cef7649 Merge pull request #7752 from Morph1984/SetCpuOverclockEnabled
  • 615fb40 hle: kernel: KThread: Ensure host (dummy) threads block on locking.
  • d990f04 Merge pull request #7756 from lioncash/service
  • 12bf8ca service/wlan: Update function tables
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  • 8dd6dc9 service/usb: Update function tables
  • 43039d9 service/set: Update function tables
  • 7ba6f68 service/ns: Update function tables
  • 19c11e2 service/nim: Update unknown function table entries
  • 888bc10 service/friend: Update unknown function table entries
  • 54150f5 service/filsystem: Update fsp-srv function table
  • 3da43ad service/btm: Update function tables
  • 0f7337c service/audio: Update audctl unknown function names
  • 29e3636 service/am: Update omm function tables
  • a271cf8 service/acc: Update unknown function names
  • 88d9b55 Merge pull request #7755 from v1993/someone-in-here-lacks-system-wide-theming
  • 03cf308 Merge pull request #7731 from v1993/xfb-varying-check-fix
  • d63d8bf Use Default Colorful theme by default outside of Windows
  • a396473 service: apm: Stub ISession SetCpuOverclockEnabled
  • ef7c50b Merge pull request #7695 from Morph1984/is-pow2
  • f681508 hle: kernel: Remove redundant tracking of dummy threads.
  • 91ff6d4 hle: kernel: KThread: DummyThread can be waited, ensure wait_queue is not nullptr.
  • 46a620f hle: kernel: KThread: Decrease DummyThread priority to ensure it is never scheduled.
  • 0b37e7c hle: kernel: service_thread: Ensure dummy thread is closed & destroyed on thread exit.
  • 384e24d hle: kernel: KServerSession: Remove hack for CompleteSyncRequest.
  • ad53dc2 hle: kernel: KServerSession: Simplify CompleteSyncRequest EndWait.
  • 5ffec69 hle: kernel: KThread: Ensure dummy threads never call EndWait.
  • 11a380c hle: kernel: KScheduler: Ensure dummy threads are never scheduled.
  • f6cbb14 hle: kernel: KThread: Rename thread_type_for_debugging -> thread_type.
  • e781f6e Merge pull request #7710 from german77/just-shake-it
  • 55ef89a Merge pull request #7749 from jbeich/ffmpeg5
  • d24a4b7 video_core: constify AVCodec for ffmpeg >= 5.0
  • 36144a5 input_common: Report battery for UDP controllers
  • a943600 shader_recompiler: fix potential OOB access
  • 850896a audio/stream: Adjust volume scale factor
  • c8b3a12 yuzu: Add volume up/down hotkeys
  • 419f427 yuzu: Remove speed limit hotkeys
  • 5ce5432 core/hid: Increment shake force
  • d92b5fc common: bit_util: Add IsPow2 helper function

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