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10 months ago


  • 5235cb4 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 7569b95 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • e192be1 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 101d868 Merge pull request #7712 from bunnei/fix-thread-exit
  • 1dbb9e3 Merge pull request #7724 from ameerj/astc_new_nv
  • 5eb0b65 Merge pull request #7732 from v1993/patch-7
  • 45ac3f4 Merge pull request #7730 from v1993/patch-6
  • b92198b Merge pull request #7729 from v1993/patch-5
  • cf48934 Merge pull request #7728 from v1993/patch-4
  • 345bcd4 Merge pull request #7727 from v1993/patch-3
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  • 84786dd hle: remove no-op code
  • 3431e0a input_common: nitpick about SetHatButton usage
  • a99f84f input_common: fix copy-paste error
  • 8eddafd hid: fix std::transform call
  • c624edc Correct assignment source for rotations
  • a5bff8e astc_decoder: Combine FastReplicate functions to work around new NV driver bug
  • f499c81 core: hle: kernel: KThread: Integrate with KWorkerTask and implement DoWorkerTaskImpl.
  • d8b3f66 core: hle: kernel: KProcess: Integrate with KWorkerTask and add unimplemented DoWorkerTaskImpl.
  • 03884b7 core: hle: kernel: KThread: Replace Suspend with UpdateState & various updates.
  • c905044 core: hle: kernel: Instantiate a kernel instance of KWorkerTaskManager.
  • bf32fcc core: hle: kernel: Add KWorkerTask and KWorkerTaskManager.
  • f6de57c common: fiber: YieldTo: Avoid hard crash on nullptr previous_fiber.

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