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11 months ago


  • 03bd85a "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 7d36069 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 81ca327 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 8a48c4e Merge pull request #7623 from ameerj/unused-func
  • cbc0f0a blit_image: Remove unused function
  • 516325e Merge pull request #7614 from liushuyu/fix-linux-inhibit
  • b85f5b1 Merge pull request #7616 from bunnei/fix-get-idle-ticks
  • 648c7b4 Merge pull request #7375 from vonchenplus/convert_legacy
  • 14fc1be main: reword inhibit reason
  • fa7abaf main: fix wake lock in Flatpak ...
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  • 36df305 Merge pull request #7599 from FernandoS27/primrestart-vulkan
  • f1eff44 Merge pull request #7602 from jbeich/freebsd-vaapi
  • 49e3c07 hle: kernel: svc: GetInfo: Fix error checking with IdleTickCount.
  • 6991d44 Merge pull request #7604 from ameerj/fullscreen-render-window
  • b30a1d4 Merge pull request #7608 from Tatsh/scm-ver-override
  • caf3872 Allow overriding SCM version info
  • 3074b2e main: Refactor to reduce code duplication in ShowFullscreen()
  • 39bb685 main: Make render window borderless fullscreen toggle on the monitor it resides in
  • e57b13a video_core/codecs: re-enable VAAPI/VDPAU on BSDs after 72aa418
  • 1a9576f cmake: enable VA-API on more Unix-like after 0be4e40
  • 4908a07 Address format clang
  • 6c00151 Vulkan: Fix the checks for primitive restart extension.
  • 6ebc972 Remove spirv handle legacy related code
  • 94652e1 Remove glsl handle legacy related code
  • e49184e Merge branch 'yuzu-emu:master' into convert_legacy
  • 14d2c77 Vulkan: implement Logical Operations.
  • 6430fc2 Vulkan: Implement VK_EXT_primitive_topology_list_restart
  • 4dd85f8 Implement convert legacy to generic

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