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11 months ago


  • f7b887b "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 17385ba "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 68d3a61 "Merge Tagged PR 7497"
  • 2030522 Merge pull request #7587 from liushuyu/fix-linux-decoding
  • 1490b49 Merge pull request #7596 from Tatsh/externals-sdl-config-joycon-fix
  • 212b497 Merge pull request #7302 from VPeruS/check-deadlock
  • 04b4f3b Merge pull request #7399 from ameerj/art-refactor
  • 77d06d5 Merge pull request #7570 from ameerj/favorites-expanded
  • 11f4bf8 [input_common] Move variable declaration closer to usage
  • 9b3611e externals/SDL: update SDL to version with Wayland build fix
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  • e610485 externals/CMakeLists: fix detection/init of Switch controllers in SDL 2.0.18 [ #7572 ]
  • 476637d externals/ffmpeg: set the cmake variable twice ...
  • 3ae9258 externals: fix a regression when using MSVC
  • 3f765ea video_core/codecs: (re-spin) refactor ffmpeg searching and handling
  • b64d284 game_list: Add persistent setting for the favorites row expanded state
  • 228a381 vk_texture_cache: Add ABGR src format check for D24S8 conversions
  • c22c4f5 renderer_opengl: Minor refactoring of filter selection
  • 218d790 texture_cache: Fix image convert dimensions assertion
  • b8f3e51 blit_image: Refactor upscale factors usage
  • 35d94dc vk_texture_cache: Add a function to ImageView to check if src image is rescaled
  • 4a13f9e blit_image: Refactor ConvertPipeline functions
  • ad99bbf blit_image: Refactor ConvertPipelineEx functions
  • b387a26 vk_blit_screen: Minor refactor of filter pipeline selection
  • 75c4aec Revert "Merge pull request #7395 from Morph1984/resolve-comments"
  • 660c6be Revert of b01aa72
  • 04fa990 [input_common] Add completion test for CalibrationConfigurationJob

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