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11 months ago


  • 4b8a61d "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • dba3cc6 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 2a24c41 Merge pull request #7589 from yuzu-emu/revert-7565-fix-linux-decoding
  • 2f32133 Revert "video_core/codecs: refactor ffmpeg searching and handling in cmake"
  • 156215d Merge pull request #7565 from liushuyu/fix-linux-decoding
  • 019ae82 Merge pull request #7558 from Morph1984/unused-cpu-family-model
  • 822259a Merge pull request #7549 from Morph1984/astc-8x5
  • f0ed11e Merge pull request #7579 from Morph1984/swkbd-oob-array-access
  • 935fee1 Merge pull request #7583 from german77/triggered
  • 6aac5d4 core/hid: Fix faulty analog triggers
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  • 5e732e7 Merge pull request #7581 from lioncash/input-iface
  • ac0c5be Merge pull request #7577 from v1993/patch-2
  • 7f96517 input/SDL: Update SDL hints
  • dd72e4d CI: fix CI on Linux
  • a2d73ea video_core/codecs: skip decoders that use hw frames ...
  • e05d2a7 common/input: Avoid numerous large copies of CallbackStatus
  • 4af4136 common/cpu_detect: Remove CPU family and model
  • 54eafba common/input: Remove unnecessary returns
  • 5e7e38a input_poller: Add missing override specifiers
  • 37f1c76 CI: fix MinGW installation step
  • f91b6fb ffmpeg: move the whole tree into externals/ffmpeg/ffmpeg ...
  • ccc0a1e cmake: refactor ffmpeg searching and handling logic on Linux
  • 96579e5 qt_software_keyboard: Fix out of bounds array access
  • 1411023 maxwell_to_vk: Add ASTC_2D_5X4_UNORM
  • ae48696 maxwell_to_vk: Add ASTC_2D_8X5_UNORM

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