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11 months ago


  • bc7083d "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 3278a05 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 9fa1cf3 Merge pull request #7580 from lioncash/input-doc
  • 6497fbf input_mapping: Amend specification of parameters
  • 7783c0a input_poller: Remove several unnecessary @param tags
  • ad45963 Merge pull request #7575 from lioncash/input
  • 7276aaf Merge pull request #7576 from lioncash/tasenum
  • 54ca48e tas_input: Avoid minor copies in Read/WriteCommandButtons()
  • 734fb18 tas_input: Remove unnecessary semicolon
  • ddda6ae tas_input: Execute clear() even if empty
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  • db9320e tas_input: Remove unnecessary includes
  • 26ef762 tas_input: std::move strings into vector
  • a515ede tas_input: Use istringstream over stringstream
  • 6be730b tas_input: Use u8string_view instead of u8string
  • 37a8e2a tas_input: Remove unused std::smatch variable
  • d52ad96 tas_input: Amend -Wdocumentation warnings
  • c126b07 tas_input: Make TasAxes enum an enum class
  • e4de178 input_engine: Fix typo in TriggerOnAxisChange() parameter name
  • a9d39b6 input_engine: Simplify PreSet* family of functions
  • 4d4a234 input_engine: Avoid redundant map lookups
  • e51b852 input_engine: Remove left-over namespace qualifiers
  • e826e67 input_engine: Iterate by reference rather than by value where applicable
  • 755822c input_engine: Take BasicMotion by const reference with SetMotion() and TriggerOnMotionChange()
  • a92dbec input_engine: std::move InputIdentifier in SetCallback()
  • 985599e input_engine: Pass LedStatus by const reference
  • 38f3442 input_engine: Pass VibrationStatus by const reference in SetRumble()
  • 2b92d22 input_engine: std::move engine name where applicable
  • 9a104e2 input_engine: Remove callback clearing in constructor
  • 479369d input_engine: Remove unnecessary semi-colons
  • 3c618a3 input_engine: Remove unnecessary return
  • 3592628 Merge pull request #7574 from v1993/patch-1
  • 04301e1 Remove erroneous #pragma once
  • 4e2fb9e Merge pull request #7554 from Tachi107/build-remove-unicorn
  • eec9aac build: remove remaining bits of Unicorn

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