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  • 172ef73 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 56abb9f "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • a2f842c Merge pull request #7527 from Tachi107/cubeb-result_of
  • 280c779 Merge pull request #7462 from bunnei/kernel-improve-scheduling
  • 257d3c9 hle: kernel k_scheduler: EnableScheduling: Remove redundant GetCurrentThreadPointer calls.
  • 9a9e7dd hle: kernel k_process: Remove unnecessary .at usage with thread pinning methods.
  • 834c25f hle: kernel: Remove unnecessary virtual specifier on NotifyAvailable.
  • a63af98 hle: kernel: Remove unnecessary virtual specifier on EndWait.
  • 3f8eb44 hle: kernel: k_light_condition_variable: Revert unnecessary license comment changes.
  • 2e8d737 hle: kernel: k_condition_variable: Revert unnecessary style changes.
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  • 0d1bdfc hle: kernel: Remove unnecessary virtual specifier on CancelWait.
  • d7f6d51 hle: kernel: service_thread: Force stop threads on destruction.
  • e596fac hle: kernel: k_light_lock: Implement CancelWait.
  • efb5de1 hle: kernel: service_thread: Use std::jthread.
  • a2384a1 hle: kernel: k_thread: Skip reschedule on DisableDispatch with SC.
  • 4269752 hle: kernel: k_thread: Rename sleeping_queue -> wait_queue.
  • e3d156a hle: kernel: svc: Fix deadlock that can occur with single core.
  • 0d9afde hle: kernel: k_thread: Treat dummy threads as a special type.
  • 894ed14 hle: kernel: fix timing on thread preemption
  • 3c2a451 hle: kernel: fix scheduling ops from HLE host thread.
  • abbea57 hle: kernel: Add a flag for indicating that the kernel is currently shutting down.
  • 2c49a65 hle: kernel: KSynchronizationObject: Fix variable shadowing.
  • 8f4ff06 hle: kernel: Cleanup to match coding style.
  • 316a2dd hle: kernel: KProcess: Improvements for thread pinning.
  • 4c74761 hle: kernel: KThreadQueue: Remove deprecated code.
  • f3d6e31 hle: kernel: KConditionVariable: Various updates & simplifications.
  • f62c709 hle: kernel: KThread: Migrate to updated KThreadQueue (part 2).
  • b0671c7 hle: kernel: KThread: Migrate to updated KThreadQueue (part 1).
  • beb55cb hle: kernel: KConditionVariable: Migrate to updated KThreadQueue.
  • e942d97 hle: kernel: KServerSession: Migrate to updated KThreadQueue.
  • 5dff282 hle: kernel: KLightConditionVariable: Migrate to updated KThreadQueue.
  • 423acf5 hle: kernel: KLightLock: Migrate to updated KThreadQueue.
  • 15c721b hle: kernel: KAddressArbiter: Migrate to updated KThreadQueue.
  • 2f89456 hle: kernel: KThread: Remove tracking of sync object from threads.
  • bc13992 hle: kernel: Update KThreadQueue and migrate KSynchronizationObject.
  • 3dc803a core: hle: kernel: Disable dispatch count tracking on single core.
  • d14b8fc core: hle: kernel: k_thread: Mark KScopedDisableDispatch as nodiscard.
  • 08c63d5 core: cpu_manager: Use invalid core_id on init and simplify shutdown.
  • 0769057 core: hle: kernel: k_auto_object: Add GetName method.
  • 3239442 core: hle: kernel: DisableDispatch on suspend threads.
  • 284015d core: hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Improve DisableScheduling and EnableScheduling.
  • d604edf core: cpu_manager: Use KScopedDisableDispatch.
  • 178584e core: hle: kernel: Use CurrentPhysicalCoreIndex as appropriate.
  • 629f927 core: hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Remove unnecessary MakeCurrentProcess.
  • 13c82d0 core: hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Improve ScheduleImpl.
  • f412d20 core: hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Improve Unload.
  • f13fce3 core: hle: kernel: k_process: DisableDispatch on main thread.
  • 4c18a20 core: hle: kernel: k_handle_table: Use KScopedDisableDispatch as necessary.
  • 04daefa core: hle: kernel: k_thread: Add KScopedDisableDispatch.
  • 3bd5d4b core: hle: kernel: Ensure idle threads are closed before destroying scheduler.
  • 669a2d2 core: hle: kernel: Reflect non-emulated threads as core 3.
  • f4587c5 build: update cubeb and remove the result_of comment

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