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11 months ago


  • c9e536c "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 59bba88 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 429320a Merge pull request #7495 from FernandoS27/text-blit-fix-again
  • 46366c6 Merge pull request #7519 from itsmeft24/master
  • 25298d1 Merge pull request #7545 from Morph1984/qt-deprecated-warn
  • 9ba8124 profiler: Use QWheelEvent position().toPoint()
  • 7dd2764 Merge pull request #7544 from Morph1984/r16g16
  • 47a7247 renderer_vulkan: Add R16G16_UINT
  • e05c86a Update k_code_memory.h
  • d197246 make KCodeMemory::GetSourceAddress const
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  • 8ed2748 fix formatting
  • e10903c move private members below public members
  • 4bdacde fix formatting
  • 32854a2 fix formatting
  • 14c03b9 fix formatting
  • 8254f23 Remove unnecessary includes
  • b7d80c1 Add copyright notice
  • 36350d3 Add KCodeMemory to CMakeLists.txt
  • 8aef8f3 kernel: svc: Implement Map/UnmapProcessMemory and Create/ControlCodeMemory
  • a5c2125 Texture Cache: Fix crashes on NVIDIA.

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