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12 months ago


  • aa92ca6 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 510165c "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 56b1302 "Merge Tagged PR 7495"
  • e482dd8 Merge pull request #7467 from liushuyu/fix-linux-decoding
  • a2fb5a1 Merge pull request #7489 from Morph1984/steady-clock
  • e7f10de video_core/cmake: link against libva explicitly ...
  • a578df4 video_core/codecs: more fixes for VAAPI detection ...
  • 20a4679 video_core/codec: address comments
  • cd27f21 video_core/codecs: more robust ffmpeg hwdecoder selection logic
  • fdcc161 Merge pull request #7490 from Morph1984/stub-album-save-screenshot
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  • f138731 service: am: ISelfController: Stub SaveCurrentScreenshot
  • 55d6b09 Merge pull request #7452 from german77/controller_navigation
  • 5ba7b11 yuzu: Implement basic controller navigation
  • 762b8ad general: Replace high_resolution_clock with steady_clock

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