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12 months ago


  • fd8d8b1 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 2da555c "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 8a613f6 Merge pull request #7483 from zhaobot/tx-update-20211201022129
  • 40317ec Update translations (2021-12-01)
  • ff63080 Merge pull request #7482 from Morph1984/friend
  • 505ae5e service: friend: Implement GetCompletionEvent
  • 46e3ed5 Merge pull request #7472 from Morph1984/post-kraken-cleanup
  • e4492a9 input_common: Fix error with thread name
  • 5deecd7 input_interpreter: Make use of NpadButton instead of a u64
  • 322339a npad: Return NpadButton in GetAndResetPressState
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  • bfac21f core: hid: hid_types: Add "All" to NpadButton
  • b86fcf7 qt_controller: Make use of (Enable/Disable)AllControllerConfiguration
  • 051e63c Merge pull request #7466 from vonchenplus/add_miss_pixel_format_mapping
  • 940375d core: hid: hid_core: Add (Enable/DIsable)AllControllerConfiguration
  • 410df54 general: Fix handheld typo
  • 04f48f0 core: hid: Mark constructors as explicit
  • b9b28c0 core: hid: Cleanup and amend documentation
  • 524a9ba Add missing pixel format mapping

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