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12 months ago


  • a643c2c "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 6110429 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • 3031223 Merge pull request #7396 from FernandoS27/blit-this-mf
  • 5a3463b Texture Cache: Secure insertions against deletions.
  • 11a9bff Merge pull request #7438 from german77/homebrew2
  • be56587 Merge pull request #7451 from german77/debug_controller
  • 54f007e core/ns: Implement GetReadOnlyApplicationControlDataInterface
  • 50d8e75 core/pdm: Stub QueryPlayStatisticsByApplicationIdAndUserAccountId
  • 51df96b settings: Add debug setting to enable all controllers
  • f966c05 core/hid: Stub GetUniquePadsFromNpad
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  • ecefc93 Texture Cache: Redesigning the blitting system (again).
  • 1624f30 Texture Cache: Further fix regressions.
  • 08674ae Texture Cache: Fix issue with blitting 3D textures.
  • 1e474fb Texture Cache: Correct conversion shaders.
  • 0902119 Texture Cache: Always copy on NVIDIA.
  • 8532849 TextureCache: Simplify blitting of D24S8 formats and fix bugs.
  • d7f4434 VulkanTexturECache: Use reinterpret on D32_S8 formats.
  • b96caf2 HostShaders: Fix D24S8 convertion shaders.
  • 779f4ac TextureCache: Eliminate format deduction as full depth conversion has been supported.

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