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yuzu 820

12 months ago


  • 0aeea03 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 7136067 "Merge Tagged PR 7396"
  • d20f91d Merge pull request #7395 from Morph1984/resolve-comments [ #7368 ]
  • 5082712 Merge pull request #7389 from ameerj/screenshot-1x
  • ba52106 Merge pull request #7359 from heinermann/kthread_crash
  • fc34749 Merge pull request #7393 from Morph1984/pm-ams-get-pid
  • a41c6da vk_texture_cache: Mark VkBufferUsageFlags as static constexpr
  • 095bc88 vk_blit_image: Consolidate CreatePipelineTargetEx functions
  • 9173f07 service: pm: Implement AtmosphereGetProcessId
  • 3dc38d1 service: pm: Add all relevant result codes
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  • 40cd0bb service: pm: Rename title id to program id
  • fe1f06c Fix screenshot dimensions when at 1x scale
  • d8a783a Fix crash on exit due to static scoped dummy threads

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