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12 months ago


  • b0453e9 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • ea6fa04 Merge pull request #7368 from FernandoS27/vulkan-conv
  • da2fe81 TextureCache: Refactor and fix linux compiling.
  • 4ca6e9a TextureCache: Assure full conversions on depth/stencil write shaders.
  • 0857f82 TextureCache: Implement buffer copies on Vulkan.
  • e02cff2 TextureCache: Add R16G16 to D24S8 converter.
  • 1d5e6a5 TextureCache: Add B10G11R11 to D24S8 converter.
  • 6f896d1 TextureCache: Further fixes on resolve algorithm.
  • b805c7b TextureCache: Implement additional D24S8 convertions.
  • 0ff2284 TextureCache: force same image format when resolving an image.
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  • b130f64 TextureCache: Fix regression caused by ART and improve blit detection algorithm to be smarter.
  • 2ec7fce Vulkan: implement D24S8 <-> RGBA8 convertions.

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