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12 months ago


  • 224d7ca "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • b44fbf6 Merge pull request #7369 from Morph1984/amd-fsr-statusbar
  • d2e009f Merge pull request #7273 from fpdotmonkey/submodule-checkout-command-on-new-line
  • a698139 Merge pull request #7342 from goldenx86/patch-3
  • c45af76 Merge pull request #7357 from Morph1984/s8_uint
  • bc5ed1a main: Fix default AA name
  • a237fb5 configure_graphics_ui: AMD's -> AMD
  • c76163b main: Shorten AMD FSR status bar text
  • dc61b70 renderer_vulkan: Implement S8_UINT stencil format
  • 6dd6dc0 renderer_opengl: Implement S8_UINT stencil format
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  • 2348eb4 video_core: Add S8_UINT stencil format
  • ffb79af Replace keys error pop up
  • 2b3d66f Move the cmake submodule checkout command to a new line

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