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yuzu 815

12 months ago


  • 69ce8bb "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 0bc46fe Merge pull request #7349 from ameerj/ogl-convert-image
  • a100f5d Merge pull request #7353 from v1993/no-more-epilepsy
  • f7e155d gl_texture_cache: Round format conversion PBO to next power of 2
  • f7e0a37 Prevent window flickering when holding Esc
  • 20ed7ba texture_cache: Use pixel format conversion when supported by the runtime
  • 50c3d53 gl_texture_cache: Make FormatConversionPass more generic
  • 35ca627 gl_texture_cache: Rename BGRCopyPass to FormatConversionPass

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