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yuzu 799

13 months ago


  • 23d6568 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • ced1302 service/pctl: Stub EndFreeCommunication
  • 70d51f7 vulkan_device: Add missing vulkan image format R5G6B5 in GetFormatProperties
  • 3a71ff4 Merge pull request #7279 from Morph1984/system-get-program-id
  • 2ceb514 Merge pull request #7289 from ameerj/perf-stat-shutdown
  • 0cf78a3 core: Reorder perf_stats destruction order on Shutdown
  • 3ceefc6 Merge pull request #7287 from Morph1984/stub-aoc
  • a6e6a5a general: Get the current process program id directly from the system
  • 64275df general: Rename GetTitleID to GetProgramID
  • f178a8e Merge pull request #7282 from ameerj/core-includes
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  • 21c1316 service: aoc: Stub NotifyUnmountAddOnContent
  • ef427e4 service: aoc: Stub NotifyMountAddOnContent and NotifyMountAddOnContent
  • b92c4ab Merge pull request #7285 from german77/acc
  • bee6b71 service/acc: Rename Unknown160 to InitializeApplicationInfoV2
  • 35aa153 Merge pull request #7283 from Morph1984/stub-160
  • f2988ec service: acc: Stub acc:u0 '160'
  • b275f2e core: Fix transitive include build errors
  • 7c4b6aa core: Remove unused includes

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