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13 months ago


  • 89646e9 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • b118fa8 Merge pull request #7227 from vonchenplus/fix_memory_leak_v2
  • f808a30 Merge pull request #7264 from zhaobot/tx-update-20211101021628
  • 0217813 Update translations (2021-11-01)
  • 99ba264 Merge pull request #7246 from german77/userimage
  • 7aa0d97 Merge pull request #7201 from ameerj/spirv-depth-sampling
  • a3a353e Merge pull request #6702 from lat9nq/disable-screensaver
  • 7c2c72a Merge pull request #7244 from Morph1984/application-lang-pt-br
  • 604b6d1 yuzu qt: Disable the screensaver with SDL2
  • 92159b2 Merge pull request #7240 from Morph1984/resultval-remove-cv
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  • f503dbf profile_manager: Resize any image bigger than 256p
  • c1b199b Merge pull request #7241 from Morph1984/resultval-move-assignment
  • baf599c file_sys: control_metadata: Add BrazilianPortuguese
  • e4052a1 ns: language: Add BrazilianPortuguese to ApplicationLanguage
  • 1b5c37f hle/result: Declare copy/move constructor/assignment as noexcept
  • 189927c hle/result: Add move assignment operator in ResultVal
  • 1ff9ad4 hle/result: Remove cv-qualifiers from Arg in MakeResult
  • dd29285 Fix dangling kernel objects when exiting
  • 052017e Revert PR7009
  • a8b0104 Fix memory leak
  • 06894b0 emit_spirv_image: Fix depth image implicit lod sample in compute

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