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13 months ago


  • 90342a4 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 60e79d5 Merge pull request #7243 from lat9nq/nvdrv-warn
  • 06d097a Merge pull request #7245 from Morph1984/compile-opt-desc
  • 3f8d74d CMakeLists: Document the /GT compile option
  • cd49907 Merge pull request #7007 from FernandoS27/intel-options
  • fac2e07 Merge pull request #7223 from Moonlacer/geometry_property_removal
  • 61121d1 gl_device: Force GLASM on NVIDIA drivers 495-496
  • 1665e2d Geometry property removal and rewording
  • 13471dd Build System: Build with JCC Erratum Mitigation

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