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13 months ago


  • 755b975 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 4e81b79 Merge pull request #7173 from Morph1984/invalidate-unmap
  • 3791c7c Merge pull request #7077 from FernandoS27/face-down
  • 3f4444b Shader Compiler: avoid overflowed indices on indixed samplers.
  • 5b735a4 Merge pull request #7127 from FernandoS27/i-saw-a-wabbit
  • 28d343d Merge pull request #7195 from MightyCreak/fix-warning-typo
  • 992f325 main: fix typo in warning message
  • 622bc47 Merge pull request #7192 from zhaobot/tx-update-20211016064801
  • 67189d7 Update translations (2021-10-16)
  • 50384e2 KPageTable: Perform ranged invalidation when unmapping code memory
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  • 0498669 Vulkan: Fix failing barrier on refresh.
  • bb8bf74 RasterizerInterface: Correct size of CPU addresses to cache.
  • 7f4de34 Vulkan: Fix the master Semaphore
  • d702b39 Vulkan Query Cache: make sure to wait for the query result.
  • 8fdb51a QueryCache: Flush queries in order of running.

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