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13 months ago


  • 5165298 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 8b99601 Merge pull request #7190 from Morph1984/missing-ui-main
  • d4c79a0 main: Add missing make_unique for ui
  • aef3ae1 Merge pull request #7187 from FernandoS27/boy-i-say-boy
  • f40b425 Merge pull request #7189 from FearlessTobi/translation-ci
  • 20b20a1 .ci/transifex: Mark as executable
  • 41b4047 Merge pull request #7188 from Morph1984/web-applet-include
  • de81571 service/vi: Stub IHOSBinderDriver::TransactParcel GetBufferHistory (#7184)
  • 2b62241 qt_web_browser: Add missing QApplication include
  • 53cf91d NvHost/Core: Address Feedback.
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  • 198c6ad Suspend temporally
  • 7dca0bc NVHost_Ctrl: Force wait if the gpu falls behind too long.
  • dc385b7 Merge pull request #7182 from Morph1984/system
  • 5c6ca59 bootmanager: Forward declare System and SystemResultStatus
  • f0dc07d yuzu: Construct system in GMainWindow
  • 17763a4 core: Move ResultStatus outside of System
  • 218ebc1 yuzu_cmd: Remove remaining static system instances
  • b671909 core: Remove static system instance
  • 2a5014b Merge pull request #7183 from FearlessTobi/translation-ci
  • 764369f Merge pull request #7172 from Morph1984/out-of-bounds
  • d5c4af2 Merge pull request #7174 from MightyCreak/hide-cursor-by-default
  • 5b7b727 Merge pull request #7185 from Morph1984/make_unique_ui
  • ecef109 Hide mouse cursor by default
  • bad122b main: Slightly refactor NCA entry installation in InstallNCA (#7181)
  • 86908d5 main: Use std::unique_ptr for ui
  • ab441fb configuration: Use std::make_unique instead of operator new for ui
  • 851fe91 config: Read network_interface
  • 07b8242 .ci: Use Github Actions to update translation source files
  • 0d6057b string_util: Make use of std::string_view and add bounds checking
  • 3ffff78 string_util: Prevent out of bounds access in u16string_view buffer

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