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3 years ago


  • 10ffca2 "Merge Tagged PR 1012"
  • 3a502ca "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 57c628b "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 39c56b1 "Merge Tagged PR 2365"
  • 6ce2cad "Merge Tagged PR 2710"
  • 4a70a77 "Merge Tagged PR 2945"
  • 3ed6bbf "Merge Tagged PR 2987"
  • 6d23b04 Merge pull request #3160 from DarkLordZach/opt-ea-clang-fmt
  • 8652313 ci: Continue pipeline on clang format failure
  • 2899c93 Merge pull request #3158 from ReinUsesLisp/srgb-blit
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  • 50c7539 Merge pull request #3094 from lioncash/tables
  • 33a6b45 Merge pull request #3155 from bunnei/fix-asynch-gpu-wait
  • 9046d4a kernel: Replace usage of boost::intrusive_ptr with std::shared_ptr for kernel objects. (#3154)
  • b032420 Merge pull request #3098 from ReinUsesLisp/shader-invalidations
  • 74fff71 gl_texture_cache: Apply sRGB on blits
  • b7031b2 Merge pull request #3105 from ReinUsesLisp/fix-stencil-reg
  • 7298dcc Merge pull request #3156 from bunnei/sys-ticks
  • 63248f4 Update svc.cpp
  • 6eaf7ab svc: GetSystemTick should return cntpct_el0, not core ticks.
  • 9ec84fc gpu_thread: Don't spin wait if there are no GPU commands.
  • dc2e83f gl_device: Reserve base bindings on limited devices
  • e3d7334 gl_state: Skip null texture binds
  • 919ac2c gl_rasterizer: Disable compute shaders on Intel
  • 894ad74 gl_shader_cache: Hack shared memory size
  • e35b959 gl_shader_decompiler: Normalize image bindings
  • 36d9b40 gl_shader_decompiler: Normalize cbuf bindings
  • f936b86 gl_rasterizer: Add missing cbuf counter reset on compute
  • 180417c gl_shader_cache: Remove dynamic BaseBinding specialization
  • c8a48aa video_core: Unify ProgramType and ShaderStage into ShaderType
  • 0f23359 gl_rasterizer: Bind graphics images to draw commands
  • 287ae2b gl_shader_cache: Specialize local memory size for compute shaders
  • dbeb523 gl_shader_cache: Specialize shared memory size
  • 4f5d8e4 gl_shader_cache: Specialize shader workgroup
  • dc9961f shader/texture: Handle TLDS texture type mismatches
  • 32c1bc6 shader/texture: Deduce texture buffers from locker
  • 7990220 maxwell_3d: Fix stencil_back_func_mask offset
  • e21b6ff service: Update function tables

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