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yuzu 779

13 months ago


  • 10f9732 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 894b483 Merge pull request #7157 from ameerj/vic-surface-size
  • 2643752 Merge pull request #7142 from german77/sdl_range
  • 9f0f827 Merge pull request #7158 from ameerj/window-900p
  • 44c73cf Merge pull request #7120 from Morph1984/update-dynarmic
  • 74a6222 externals: Update dynarmic to cce7e4ee
  • 8212a86 input_common/sdl: Fix joystick range
  • 5c829c7 main: Add option to reset window size to 900p
  • f346b04 vic: Use the minimum of surface/frame dimensions when writing the final frame to the GPU

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