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14 months ago


  • fbeaa21 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 21ed944 Merge pull request #6979 from german77/joycon_name
  • ae3e51c Merge pull request #7093 from Morph1984/exit
  • 2f5808b service: am: Make use of Exit to exit the currently running application
  • 282bdfd yuzu: main: Register a callback for Exit
  • d8467ca core: Add Exit and ExitCallback
  • 3a33519 Merge pull request #7102 from Morph1984/remove-boxcat
  • 36d45b4 Merge pull request #7114 from ameerj/msvc-ubuntu-version
  • 6f1c6e6 ci: Use latest ubuntu image for mainline/patreon step 1
  • c3784b2 Merge pull request #7075 from v1993/power-of-tea
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  • 8bd5742 Merge pull request #7061 from ameerj/dma-buffer-misc
  • 839547d CMakeLists: Remove BoxCat build option
  • 8af9f32 settings: Remove BCAT settings
  • 673d37a configure_network: Remove BCAT
  • 4acec52 service: bcat: Remove BoxCat BCAT implementation
  • 5f6cd32 externals: Remove libzip
  • 616d023 file_sys: Remove vfs_libzip
  • 3e07655 Use subdirectory of main data directory for QtWebEngine storage
  • 2404959 maxwell_dma: Minor refactoring
  • 1ea8073 buffer_cache: Minor fixes
  • 4bc3c78 input_common: Add alternative string for joycons

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