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yuzu 765

14 months ago


  • 9b3cdb4 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • b925115 Merge pull request #7104 from Morph1984/style
  • 91341b4 Merge pull request #7036 from ameerj/ogl-bgr-v2
  • 9ad6c26 Merge pull request #7106 from astrelsky/invalid_iterator_fix
  • 3fc7ace Fixed invalid iterator usage
  • e29f3b8 style: Remove extra space preceding the :: operator
  • 22162f9 host_shaders: Remove opengl_copy_bgra.comp
  • ab808fe gl_texture_cache: Migrate BGRCopyPass from util_shaders
  • 7f737b0 util_shaders: Unify BGRA copy passes

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