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14 months ago


  • 06c2636 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 781c1d8 Merge pull request #7018 from lat9nq/splat-stubs
  • fba3011 Merge pull request #7042 from v1993/patch-7
  • 24c0dde Merge pull request #7076 from ameerj/amd-botw
  • 1e1ecca vk_texture_cache: Disable cube compatibility flag on non-mesa AMD GCN4 and earlier
  • 738cd18 If not on Windows, disable raw input
  • b54bf12 Hide XInput bypass on non-Windows OSes [ #6950 ]
  • 7bc0719 audin_u: Return a buffer event in RegisterBufferEvent
  • 17b0955 audin_u: stub Start, RegisterBufferEvent, AppendAudioInBufferAuto

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