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yuzu 760

14 months ago


  • 1b69b6a "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • db9b803 Merge pull request #7082 from Morph1984/bsd-read
  • 06f22c3 service: bsd: Implement Read
  • 9a53173 Merge pull request #7084 from ameerj/clang-12
  • 9266bad CMakeLists: Update to clang format version 12
  • 73666fb general: Update style to clang-format-12
  • 31c0f6c ci: Update clang format version
  • c851283 Merge pull request #7069 from lioncash/uuid
  • 091e141 core/profile_select: Avoid uninitialized read in SelectProfile()
  • 40314cc common/uuid: Add validity checking functions to interface

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