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14 months ago


  • 098c00e "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • a9c3619 Merge pull request #7019 from ameerj/videocore-jthread
  • 6e376c2 Merge pull request #6485 from MonsterDruide1/tas
  • 75d8ec1 UI: Relocate tas menu and add brief description
  • 5401cf6 input_common/tas: new update method
  • 33a1d79 input_common/tas: Document the main class
  • e6c4bf5 input_common/tas: Add swap controller
  • 9bb6580 input_common/tas: overwrite file dialog
  • f078b15 input_common/tas: Fallback to simple update
  • c01a872 config: Move TAS options to it's own menu
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  • 4297d2f core: Hacky TAS syncing & load pausing
  • 3a7b372 main: TAS Playback state label
  • f25d6eb settings: File selector & other settings
  • b42c3ce input_common/tas: Base playback & recording system
  • 35f46fc Merge pull request #7020 from Moonlacer/remove_audio_stretching
  • 371feaa fix_clang_error
  • 09ab819 fix_accidental_deletion
  • 44135b0 remove-audio-stretching-setting
  • 84f7e7e vk_scheduler: Use std::jthread
  • 877cd60 gpu: Use std::jthread for async gpu thread
  • c2ddda2 threadsafe_queue: Add std::stop_token overload to PopWait

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