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14 months ago


  • 462d7bd "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • d180fd7 Merge pull request #7000 from Morph1984/create-dir-comment
  • e4318d2 Merge pull request #7002 from ameerj/vk-state-unused
  • 8e289ad vk_state_tracker: Remove unused function
  • 727f607 FS: Mark recursive CreateDirectory as inaccurate and temporary
  • 9248442 Merge pull request #6948 from ameerj/amd-warp-fix
  • 4ab549e Merge pull request #6975 from ogniK5377/acc-async-ctx
  • f0f416e Merge pull request #6974 from ogniK5377/fs-recursive-createdir
  • 9907302 Merge pull request #6997 from ameerj/stop-emulation-confirmation
  • 3428232 Merge pull request #6992 from german77/brains
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  • 74030eb Merge pull request #6987 from Morph1984/common-error
  • 47b6f52 Merge pull request #6986 from Morph1984/version-update
  • 188cf1a main: Apply confirm exit setting in exit locked scenarios
  • e67463d shader_environment: Add missing include
  • 63b4c8f vk_descriptor_pool: Add missing include
  • 76abf55 slot_vector: Add missing include
  • 554c46d video_core/memory_manager: Add missing include
  • 6f307f1 kernel: Add missing include
  • 4a6a73e file_sys/kernel_executable: Add missing include
  • ae028dd codec: Add missing <string_view> include
  • eb1e3f1 common_funcs: Replace with
  • 290afc0 common: Move error handling to error.cpp/h
  • 9bddcda am: Implement GetNotificationStorageChannelEvent
  • a7bbd37 hid: Stub SetTouchScreenConfiguration
  • c9710f6 api_version: Update and add AtmosphereTargetFirmware
  • 005b0e6 Addressed issues
  • 543081e Mark is_complete as atomic
  • 89958e2 Addressed issues
  • 9141816 address name shadowing with system
  • 4e2aa50 account: EnsureTokenIdCacheAsync [ #2547, #6946 ]
  • 0b891c9 FS: Recursively create directories for CreateDirectory
  • d956fb3 emit_glsl_warp: Fix shuffle ops for 64-thread warp sizes
  • 5b45dfe emit_glsl_warp: Fix ballot related ops for 64-thread warp sizes
  • a5d9dcf emit_spirv_warp: Fix shuffle ops for 64-thread warp sizes
  • 9521327 emit_spirv_warp: Fix ballot related ops for 64-thread warp sizes

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