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15 months ago


  • b7cd227 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • be4e192 Merge pull request #6846 from ameerj/nvdec-gpu-decode
  • 82c8671 Merge pull request #6901 from ameerj/vk-clear-bits
  • ec6490f Merge pull request #6941 from ameerj/swapchain-srgb
  • 472aad6 Merge pull request #6953 from ameerj/anv-semaphore
  • 55854c8 Merge pull request #6981 from ameerj/nvflinger-hb-format
  • 9e2bf49 nvflinger: Use external surface format for framebuffer creation
  • 7d854fb renderer_vulkan: Wait on present semaphore at queue submit
  • 27f8f33 vulkan_device: Enable VK_KHR_swapchain_mutable_format if available
  • 3c65c85 vk_swapchain: Prefer linear swapchain format when presenting sRGB images
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  • e0397f0 vk_rasterizer: Only clear depth and stencil buffers when set in attachment aspect mask
  • b384129 h264: Lower max_num_ref_frames
  • cd016d3 configure_graphics: Add GPU nvdec decoding as an option
  • a832aa6 codec: Improve libav memory alloc and cleanup
  • bc3efb7 codec: Fallback to CPU decoding if no compatible GPU format is found
  • 92bc51b cmake: Add VDPAU and NVDEC support to FFmpeg
  • 356e108 codec: Replace deprecated av_init_packet usage
  • 0be4e40 cmake: Always find LIBVA, update windows FFmpeg version
  • 659039c nvdec: Implement GPU accelerated decoding for all platforms

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