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15 months ago


  • 15171cb "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 7e91637 Merge pull request #6962 from vonchenplus/spirv_support_legacy_attribute
  • b1e655f Detail adjustment
  • bbc1800 Detail adjustment
  • e5ca733 Re-implement get unused location
  • 9cdf238 Move attribute related definitions to spirv anonymous namespace
  • 1de9e4e Dynamic get unused location
  • d994466 Implement intput and output fixed fnc textures
  • a7bbaa4 Rename parameters
  • cf26f37 Fix create GraphicsPipelines crash
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  • 1e2a89d Add input/output location
  • 73b11f3 Add colorfront and txtcoord support

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