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yuzu 732

15 months ago


  • 7eff057 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 5f19b66 Merge pull request #6905 from Morph1984/nifm-misc
  • 4e88989 Merge pull request #6921 from ameerj/vp9-unused
  • 7d2265b Merge pull request #6927 from german77/ngct
  • f134a5e ngct: Stub NGCT:U service
  • c1e2063 service: nifm: Populate fields in GetCurrentNetworkProfile
  • 878d022 service: nifm: Cleanup GetCurrentIpConfigInfo
  • 871e1c6 network_interface: Cleanup code
  • a32a7da network_interface: Replace default return value with std::nullopt
  • eb2624e vp9_types: Minor refactor of VP9 info structs.
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  • 3de38c9 vp9_types: Remove unused Vp9PictureInfo members

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