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15 months ago


  • bdd20d2 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • aa40084 Merge pull request #6832 from bunnei/scheduler-improvements
  • aef0ca6 core: hle: kernel: Disable dispatch count tracking on single core.
  • 5060a97 core: hle: kernel: k_thread: Mark KScopedDisableDispatch as nodiscard.
  • 9e3d1d8 core: cpu_manager: Use invalid core_id on init and simplify shutdown.
  • 99bc49e core: hle: service: buffer_queue: Improve management of KEvent.
  • 48a3496 core: hle: kernel: k_auto_object: Add GetName method.
  • 36cf968 core: hle: service: nvflinger/vi: Improve management of KEvent.
  • 5051d3c core: hle: kernel: DisableDispatch on suspend threads.
  • 1798c3b core: hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Improve DisableScheduling and EnableScheduling.
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  • cbe4e32 core: cpu_manager: Use KScopedDisableDispatch.
  • 2dfb073 core: hle: kernel: Use CurrentPhysicalCoreIndex as appropriate.
  • d1c5027 core: hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Remove unnecessary MakeCurrentProcess.
  • 77ad64b core: hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Improve ScheduleImpl.
  • bedcf19 core: hle: kernel: k_scheduler: Improve Unload.
  • 7569d67 core: hle: kernel: k_process: DisableDispatch on main thread.
  • f2b0d28 core: hle: kernel: k_handle_table: Use KScopedDisableDispatch as necessary.
  • 01af2f4 core: hle: kernel: k_thread: Add KScopedDisableDispatch.
  • 2b95604 core: hle: kernel: Ensure idle threads are closed before destroying scheduler.
  • 68eee94 core: hle: kernel: Reflect non-emulated threads as core 3.
  • 5ea0d36 core: cpu_manager: Use jthread.

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