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15 months ago


  • 8e2f938 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 521e6ac Merge pull request #6863 from spholz/fix-lan-play
  • 356dbf4 network_interface: correct formatting
  • dc47b5a network_interface: fix mingw-w64 build
  • 70419f7 network: retrieve subnet mask and gateway info
  • 068c666 configuration: fix mingw-w64 build
  • deb65a5 network: don't use reinterpret_cast in GetAvailableNetworkInterfaces
  • e660334 network: fix mingw-w64 build
  • b18e1d0 network: don't use assert to check if no network interfaces are returned
  • 0476751 configuration: move network_interface include to source file
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  • a0c4c1a network: use Common::BitCast instead of std::bit_cast
  • 8513e59 network: narrow down scope of "result" in win32 code for
  • 04ec426 configuration: use tr instead of QStringLiteral for "None" item in
  • 771de32 network: use explicit bool conversions in GetAvailableNetworkInterfaces
  • 765e97c network: initialize ip_addr in GetHostIPv4Address()
  • acca8ac nifm: use operator*() instead of .value() to get value of std::optional
  • 970d81a nifm: treat a missing host IP address as a non-critical error
  • 78a8249 Merge branch 'yuzu-emu:master' into fix-lan-play
  • 21743da network: correct formatting in network.cpp and network_interface.cpp
  • 1e98e73 configuration: add option to select network interface
  • 33ebe47 Merge branch 'yuzu-emu:master' into fix-lan-play
  • ddeb8d8 network: GetAndLogLastError: ignore Errno::AGAIN
  • dd5c41b network: GetCurrentIpConfigInfo: return host IP address
  • 652e5e3 network: fix fcntl cmds

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