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yuzu 715

15 months ago


  • 8145783 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 71d8d84 Merge pull request #6862 from german77/badsdl
  • 0509fe3 Merge pull request #6838 from ameerj/sws-align
  • 2a2f0bf input_common: Disable sdl raw input mode
  • 043904b Merge pull request #6855 from german77/sdl16
  • 756d76d Merge pull request #6860 from lat9nq/ranged-settings-2
  • 5be2d6f settings: Fix MSVC issues
  • e6b80c2 Merge pull request #6776 from lat9nq/ranged-settings
  • fe2e710 externals: Update sdl2 to 2.0.16
  • a779ced vic: Specify sws_scale height stride.
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  • 3862511 settings: Use std::clamp where possible
  • e9cf08c settings: Remove unnecessary std::move usages
  • 7737bdf settings: Fix function virtualization
  • a1f19b6 settings: Implement setting ranges

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